The Cornish Nationalist Party (also known as The CNP) is a Cornish Political Party.

We are here to be a voice of the Cornish People, those who live in Cornwall and those who love our land.

We are a Party for 'One and All' and we work to preserve and enhance the Celtic and Cornish identity of Cornwall / Kernow.

We hope you find this website informative.

Cornwall / Kernow is a Celtic Nation – We recognise our rightful position as a Celtic Nation like Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Isle of Man and Brittany. We seek stronger ties and working relationships between all the Celtic Nations and Governments. Together we are stronger Celtic Community.

We recognise Cornwall and the Cornish as a Nation and Nationality in our own right. We are a Nation within Britain. Since 937 A.D. the River Tamar has been the National Border between Cornwall and England, Cornish and English people. We do not accept that we are just another County of England.

The Cornish Stannary Parliament was the original law-making Government of Cornwall. Today, we have Cornwall Council along with City, Town & Parish Councils.

We view Councillors at City, Town & Parish Council level as Local Government Politicians, working in the heart of the local community, delivering community based services and looking after the interests of the local area. Many of these Politicians are giving their time for free and and do not except Councillor allowances.

We will view Cornwall Council as the general service provider for the Cornish Government and we will campaign for a Cornish Parliament. The current Cornwall Councillors would become MCP's, members of the Cornish Parliament. We recognise the current Cabinet as the Cornish Government and we urge others to do the same.

Under no circumstances must we lose Cornwall Council to a wider SW authority such as a Devon & Cornwall Council, or a Peninsula Council.

It's time for real devolution in Cornwall, and this can only be achieved with Cornwall once again having it's own Parliament.

At the British Parliament we will not accept any cross-border parliamentary constituencies which crosses the historic Cornish/English border. We only support Cornish Constituencies. We should have Cornish M.P’s serving Cornwall only.

We need a strong voice to be heard across the Tamar and we call upon the British Government to create a Minister for Cornwall. This Minister should be one of the Cornish M.P’s who attends the British Parliament.

M.P’s and Councillors need to work hard for the electorate. We support the current arrangements for Cornwall only Parliamentary Constituencies and we back the tried and tested first past the post voting system.

We totally reject violence, extremism, or terrorist activity of any kind.

We are proud of our Nationality, Identity, History, Culture and Language.

We are proud of our Country, Cornwall / Kernow.

cornish flag

The Cornish Nationalist Party was formed in 1975 by Dr James Whetter, a Cornish historian from Gorran. The original aims were to preserve the Cornish identity, essentially a Celtic one, to aid the Cornish economy, to represent the Cornish people and strive for regional status for Cornwall within the United Kingdom. Dr James Whetter contested elections in 1979 in Truro and 1983 in North Cornwall.

Today, Dr James Whetter continues with his history work whilst also managing the Trelispen Caravan & Camping Park in Gorran. He is a Director of The Roseland Institute, a centre for Cornish studies which he established. He is the current President of The Cornish Nationalist Party.

The Flamank family have been good loyal supporters of The CNP over the years. Dr Peter Flamank was a former Vice-Chairman and sadly died a few years ago. Margot Bruce regulary attends the annual Thomas Flamank commemoration in Bodmin. (Both Peter and Margo are Descendants of Thomas Flamank, a Leader of the Cornish Rebellion of 1497).

Androw Hawke is the current Party Leader and became our first Cornish Parish Councillor in 2016, John Le Bretton is Chairman and works hard to increase membership. Both have worked together since 2009 to re-build the Party.

Below is the original logo used by the Party from 1975 to 2013.

The above is the logo used by the Party from 2014.

The Cornish Nationalist Party values the work, commitment and support from all members. The Cornish Nationalist Party will always remember Dr James Whetter, Androw Hawke and John Le Bretton. Without these Cornish Nationalists, the Party would not be here.

picture of andrew

Androw Hawke

picture of John

John Le Bretton

picture of Jams

Dr James Whetter